Netroots Technology works to ensure that our client’s privacy is protected when using ‘Our Services’. Because we safeguard our clients privacy. This website is functioning through “” This privacy policy applies to your use of “Netroots Technology’s” websites using the domain “” Also we do have a policy that explains what personal information is. Apart form that the policy also informs that how Netroots utilizes the information. Not only this but also who has access to the data, and we keep under consideration our customers rights regarding the information collected. Your access and use of our website constitutes your acceptance of Netroots Privacy Policy as well as Terms and conditions.

Clients Personal Data

Netroots Technology take accountability for all the personal data for instance; your name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth etc. These are all that information that a customer provides us with. All of this data is attained when you want to ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Request for a Demo.’

How Netroots Technology does utilize your data?

Netroots makes use of the information when they have to coordinate or have to give their services to the client. It comprises rendering you our services that are offered by us to you for marketing purposes. Netroots might examine your personal data to provide you relevant proposals and information. As a matter of fact, we will only keep your information for as long as obligatory to carry out our services to you. Surely, we will keep it as long as required by law. After that defiantly your personal data is deleted.

What information is shared with Third Party?

‘Netroots’ might share your personal information with third parties. Also can share it with partners of ‘brand’ who execute services on the behalf of Netroots. Or the data can be shared with those who process Netroots authorized transactions. The personal data we share with corporations is for the purpose to execute services on the behalf of Netroots is protected. We have done this via contractual agreements on which is mentioned that, “it cannot be shared.” Neither we trade your data or information to any third party nor will. Truly we do we reveal your any sort of personal data to unaffiliated third parties.

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      Copyright by NetRoots Technologies. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy

      Copyright by NetRoots Technologies. All rights reserved.  Privacy Policy