Cyber Security
Services at their best!

The joint venture by the Cyber University & the NetRoots Technologies.

Cyber Security Services
at their best!

The joint venture by the Cyber University & the NetRoots Technologies.

To protect you from harmProtection!

Cyber security solutions are meant to secure you from theft, harm, and fraud!

The use of the internet has brought many facilities to human life, with the help of few clicks we can explore the data of our choice. On the other hand, it’s also carrying lots of threats along with it. There is a strong threat to your data over the internet! We at NetRoots take the responsibility to protect your data efficiently and reliably. We are not only the cyber security services company but we also offer the training to make you and your employees capable to handle all security threats!


Control your platforms from a single endCentral Management

The ability to manage all the security tasks from a single node!

NetRoots Technologies propelling cyber security consulting services, these services will permit the user to control all of its security activities from a single end. The cyber security services are fully integrated and are meant to benefit the user, these services will assist you to manage endpoint security, network security, and malware management, etc.


Access becomes more simplified!Cloud-Based

A cyber security company exclusively accessible on Cloud

Cyber security is a cloud-based internet security provider that enables the user to control the access to the data by different users. The facility cloud-based is a freedom for the user to control the access of the system without being in some specific location. We are the best cyber security solutions providers in the region, reach us today to get your data secured.


Sort every possible option!Cyber Modules

Universal E-commerce platform with the ability of integration!

Cyber Threat Intelligence

The ability to sense the threat and responding accordingly!

Incidence Response Planning

The system will establish incident response planning and recovery management!

Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

Monitoring and calculating the risks that might come into the business.

Computer Crime & Cyber Security Management

Implementing cyber security management policies to control cybercrime.

Tailored Security for Startups

Customer-oriented security system, especially for startups

Digital Forensics and Forensic Analysis

The System holds the data from the forensic reports and analysis made on it.

Malware Prevention

The system will protect your network and filter out unauthorized access

End-User Education and Awareness

Offering the staff training and producing the security policies to maintain the cyber risks

Business Contingency Planning

The system is equally capable of handling all business contingencies

Managing user Privileges

The system permits you to monitor, control, and limit the privileges assigned to a user

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