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NetRoots PMS simplifies residential and commercial property management so that you can stop worrying about the tedious tasks and find enjoyment in your work. With information about property, property owners, tenants, and support staff as well as contracts and complaints all digitized, you can stop worrying about files and folders and instead focus on making deals.

Mail log

A record of the e-mails you have sent to the property owners, tenants, and support staff, saved with the names of recipients and the dates on which they were sent.


A log of all complaints submitted by tenants through the system, along with the names and addresses of the property, the dates of complaint, the members of support staff to whom the complaints were assigned, and their status (whether open, resolved, or in progress).


A store of all active and inactive contracts concluded between you and your clients, including the names of the tenants/buyers and assets, end and start dates, amount of security deposited, and the commission you received.

Support Staff

A database of all support staff that you have hired to resolve tenants’ complaints about the rented property, listed with their contact information, skills, and active/inactive status.


A list of tenants renting the properties under your care, along with their names, contact information, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and active/inactive status.


A record of all property owners that have entrusted their property to you, listed with their names, contact information, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and active/inactive status.

Property Owners

A log of each of the pieces of property you are managing, along with its owner’s name, its type (whether for sale or for rent) and address, and its status (whether it is currently being managed or was previously managed).


An executive summary of the property, people, and processes relevant to your property management business,contracts, properties, tenants and the owners of the properties under your care.



Add features/modules to meet your specific business needs.

Multi Dashboard

Choose from among a range of colors to configure your system’s aesthetics according to your preferences.

Increased Collaboration

Collaborate with your team members


Receive frequent updates so that your HR system keeps running smoothly.

Ease Of Use

Make your life easy with the system’s simple interface.


Use it on your cellphone, tablet, or computer.

Round-The-Clock Support

Call us any time for help with our SMS system.


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