The recruitment management software of our HRMS features four customizable sub-modules, that together simplify the process of requesting, advertising for, and selecting new employees.

Customizable and Integrated

After an offer letter is generated through our recruitment management software, the new hires information is added automatically in other modules such as Fórsa’s payroll software, and the time and attendance module. In addition, while our cloud-based recruitment management software is comprehensive, we offer to customize it according to your specific requirements so that you get exactly what you need - nothing more, nothing less!

Why use Fórsa’s Recruitment Management Solutions?

Fórsa’s simple but comprehensive recruitment management module automates the entire recruitment process to save time and money, streamline data collection, and encourage more informed decision-making. The recruitment process often requires long, tedious hours of paperwork, which Fórsa’s recruitment module cuts down significantly. In addition, it saves overhead costs, and collects applicant data within one database. With all applicant information together in one place, it becomes easier to make smarter hiring decisions. With the Recruitment Module of Fórsa HR software, you need no other recruitment management software!