You don’t need to break the bank for the best payroll software to record and manage your finances!

With our practical yet affordable payroll software, you get the best of both worlds! Fórsa HR software enables you to manage employee payrolls, calculate taxes, EOBI, and gratuity, generate salary slips, carry out deductions, and manage loans. In addition, it stores bank account details and salary reports and receipts.

Integrated, Fast, Efficient

Fórsa payroll management software is highly integrated with many of the other modules of the HR software. Not only does the software provide fast communication among the modules for an accurate calculation of payroll, but also manages the company’s loans and advances, thus keeping track of all money flow. Finally, monthly reports generated by the payroll software allow you to view the data in a clear and concise form, allowing for efficient analysis of your company’s finances.

Why use Fórsa’s Payroll Management Software?

Our payroll software is cloud-based, allowing for the recording of real time data, accurate reporting, and quick updates to software for compliance with legal changes and updates. Moreover, using our software, you can generate updated reports to keep track of your finances. Our payroll management software also allows employees to create and access their own accounts for self-management, taking pressure off of your company’s HR staff. Most importantly, our payroll software integrates all payroll functions into one system, simplifying financial management and calculations for your business.