How to Sell Digital Marketing Services As a Newbie Agency

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How to Sell Digital Marketing Services as a Newbie Agency

If you wish to sell digital marketing services as you possess a digital marketing agency. Then several services may suit under that umbrella. Indeed, many market trends and methods are to follow if you want to sell your digital marketing services.

So, how can you sell digital marketing services to your customers? First, you must familiarize yourself with your inherent client requirements. Second, you must price your values according to the business problem which your client is facing. Third, promote a sales procedure that offers your prospective client to make the selection promptly in a positive way. Nevertheless, if you want to gather more knowledge, then this is the right place to land as here have listed some points that will guide you and aid you in selling your digital marketing services.

Why Your Client has to rely on Digital Marketing Services? 

If you have decided to sell your digital marketing services, then you must know the answer to your client’s question if he asks, ‘How can digital marketing services help my business, and why must I rely on it?’ As a Digital Marketer, you must know what services you offer that will benefit the client in the long run.

The answer to this question as a Digital marketing agency must be;

  • Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Advertisements
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

On the other hand, what else do you have expertise in? Just tell them and explain how it can aid any business further in business.

How do I sell Digital Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan

If the question of a ‘How’ surrounds your mind, then the first and foremost thing is that you must know how to execute your plans. The initial point is that you must know your customer. Knowing your client or customer means what your client must be searching for when he wants Digital Marketing Services and what is that your client requires. Here are three categories that explain a client that needs Digital Marketing Services.

  1. Beginner  

The client might have an existing client base, but his web presence may not be able to understand how e-commerce usually proceeds further. Therefore, they may say, “We want the people to know us.” Alternatively, they might say, “We want to become visible and want to put ourselves out there.” In fact, they mean that they want people to recognize them by putting themselves out for their audience. The opening clients are always willing to make primary investments, and as a Digital Marketer, it becomes your job to measure what is the most essential, which you must focus on, as well as how much investment is required.

  1. Intermediate 

Now, the client in the primary stage has invested, but that investment is not sufficient because they have many things that are to fix. They might have things that are broken and require accuracy and perfection. There will be many things running smoothly, but also there will be many other things that are to be corrected. Surely, this is the stage where the Digital Marketer can cater to the problems of issues.

Some of the clients require viewing the website, looking at the system, and fixing what is breaking. This allows the digital marketing agency to work more. In short, it is not wrong to say that a client who is in the intermediate stage more or less is looking for a ‘Break or Fix’ answer.

  1. Advanced

When the client reaches the advanced stage, he demands speed. They are now established in the digital world and also have a strong following and now want ‘Return on Investment’ or ‘Return on Ad Spend.’ In short, they want to gain what they have spent on digital marketing. They want to run, want to improve the scale of what they have spent, and now want to achieve what they aim for. Because they require their investment back, they now want to have a figure; in fact, they want now to generate leads and earn money. The money they want is actually the profit of the surplus.

How must a Digital Marketing Agency Price its Digital Marketing Services?

Well, this is a point to understand that the pricing cannot be the same for all clients. Many things are to bring under consideration because the niche and demand are both different when it comes to Digital Marketing services. Most of the clients ask for many other services as well; for example, they do not even have a website, and they require web development and other digital marketing services for a good start. Therefore, that is why the package or the pricing cannot remain the same. As mentioned before, the client is in different stages, and those stages demand varied charges. But there are some particular price evaluation points that can allow you to understand how you can categorize your pricing and how much the pricing can increase.


First, determine the scope of work as small projects might take a bigger scale, so first, determines the requirements of the client. This will make things easier for you to understand how much ‘Time Investment’ it requires. Prepare criteria by which you can distinguish client demands. For instance, make packages for specific workflow; likewise, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. When the scope of work is out of one particular category, then push the price up.


When the project is more complex or intricate, then the price range is due. The intricacy of the plan can be easily determined by your sketched categories. You must know your range on a particular client demand; for instance, if the client requires eight (8) components in a seven-(7) component package, then for sure the price will increase up to the next level, and indeed the cost will increase because the cost of the services will be altered.


Additionally, clients want Digital Assistance from digital marketing agencies; they want to give the next level to work so. Definitely, there must be an increase in the value of money. The more additional work is added, the more rates will increase. Thus, you must define and design a workflow and pattern that will elaborate the work quantity and the charges for it. Speeding things up or demanding more services will call for more value for money.

How We Can Design Rate Cards as a Digital Marketing Agency 

As a beginner, you might have confused about how you must begin with your rate cards and what purpose they will follow. The simple answer to your confusion is ‘Research.’ The more you will explore the world of digital marketing, the more you will get to know about the rates according to the services. As a digital marketing firm, you might have an idea in mind. Just observe their offers, services, and rates, then do a deep analysis of the market and then proceed with your rates.


Never hop further with high hopes because it is best to play safe. As a beginner, always keep your range economical so that people can approach you. In addition, when your portfolio is established then, alter your rates and earn more.

How Can a New Digital Marketing Company Pitch a Client?  


The first and foremost step is the identification of your client. Identification means that you must target the client as the market trends are changing. Your strategies and techniques must trigger the needs of the client. In short, your client must get to know what you are selling and how you can cater to them.


Communicate with your clients when they approach you. Try to convince them, give demos or just hold a conversation about what you can offer them and how. Always be open-ended with client conversations so that they may not be brushed off. The client appreciates productive conversations. Therefore, always be open to communicating.


At last, conversations always lead to a resolution. In addition, when you will negotiate with the client and get to know that how what his aim is and what direction he wants to go in, then you can proceed further. However, if the client’s demands are not achievable, then just move to the next.


When you have had a great negotiation, the client understands you as well as you come to know the client’s needs, and the client is satisfied with your workflow, then here you have pitched the client. Mission accomplished.

To conclude, as a beginner in the field of a digital marketing agency, you have to make sure that you execute your plans smoothly and systematically. When you get to know the process, maintain balance, then increase your pace. Ultimately, you will grow and will establish a good reputation in the market. Netroots Technologies is an example. It started with its initial stages and now has roots not just in Pakistan but has worked internationally as well. Netroots Technologies is now known as the leading company for Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan.


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