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NetRoots Technologies is an inclusive software solution provider for the health industry. We are making the customer-oriented software for the health industry. Our software covers all the major aspects of the health industry such as data collection, record maintenance, and employee record, etc.

Our application is scalable, you can expand the features or downsize the features as per your requirements and needs. The scope of the software is customizable. The software has the capability of adding or removing the features whenever required. You can add features or disable the features as required.  This will not affect the overall performance of the software.


Our software will improve the efficacy and accuracy in the health sector. The features where our software will be benefitted such as inventory control, record management, employee data, etc. the installment of the software will increase the efficiency of the employees. The conventional or the manual system of the record-keeping or the inventory control causes errors and loss of data. The use of the software in the health sector will add efficiency and data safety. The software allows to save the data for a long time and it also serves to manage the accounts department.

To assist the health industry NetRoots offers cloud-based software, the system is integrated and linked. The software integrates the main features such as hospital name, patient name, ward name, decease, doctor management and accounts management. Due to the integrity of the system, the results are directly saved in the system. The administration can add more users and user data to the software. The software generates the reports against the records of the patients, the software is integrated so the bills are generated directly in the patient database.

Our software is efficient and secured. The software is encrypted so unauthorized access is not allowed to view the records. It is safer to record the patient’s details on the software. The management can assign limited access to the users using the software. With limited access, it becomes easier to control the flow of the data.

When we talk about the health industry the communication would be considered the main key to success and efficiency. That’s why NetRoots is presenting the software for the health industry which offers the best communication tools for the health industry.  The NetRoots health industry software comes with the email service, text messaging, a central command & control center and messaging services. The system is cloud-based which makes it quite accessible and available for everyone in the health industry. Our services are not only for hospitals or some medical sector but for the complete health industry.

The use of the NetRoots software will improve the efficiency of the work and will ultimately improve the customer relationship of the company. NetRoots will allow you to communicate to your customers and clients more effectively and with a clear image. The software is more beneficial to quickly share the information with customers and clients, this will offer the best customer experience to the customers.


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