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Digital marketing is slowly becoming the most prominent form of customer engagement and brand awareness in the modern age. With its significantly higher reach and greater customizability, digital marketing in the modern business playing field, coupled with the Best SEO services for their platforms, can make or break a brand’s image and subsequently its ability to thrive in the long run.

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Tiktok, there are a wide array of available social media platforms, each of which is now used by tens of millions of people all across the world. Today, it is essentially a necessity for companies to be active on almost all of these platforms in order to maintain a certain brand image while simultaneously gaining significant consumer reach and brand awareness. 

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Digital Marketing
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Credibly innovate granular internal or organic sources whereas high standards in web-readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences.
  • Targeted Number of Key Phrases Website 5
  • Keyword + Competitors Analysis
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  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Unique Meta Information
  • Blogging 5 Mini blogs
  • Targeted Number of Key Phrases Website 10
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  • PPC (on demand)
  • Targeted Number of Key Phrases Website 15
  • Keyword + Competitors Analysis
  • Xml Sitemaps Creation
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  • Google Analytics
  • SMO
  • PPC (on demand)
  • Targeted Number of Key Phrases Website 25
  • Xml Sitemaps Creation
  • Robots.txt
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Blogging
  • SMM
  • PPC (on demand)

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Grow your brand’s engagement and public awareness with NetRoots, the Best Social Media Marketing company.

With its many benefits, Digital Marketing also comes with its many responsibilities. In order to be able to maintain a sustainable, profitable platform, companies oftentimes need many highly skilled and dedicated individuals to constantly stay active on their different platforms as well as on their websites. This usually proves to be very costly and time-consuming, particularly when there is a significant learning curve involved in the process. These are only a few of the reasons that many organizations of all scales in almost all industries choose to outsource their Digital Marketing operations to secondary organizations such as ourselves the Best Digital Marketing Company, to revamp, re-engage, streamline, and sustain their Digital Marketing platforms. 

With our team of highly experienced and creative Digital Marketing and SEO Consultants providing you with the Best Social Media Marketing Services in the market, you can leave your social media platforms to us and focus on your core competencies in order to further grow your business. As the Best Digital Marketing company and one of the Top Social Media Marketing agency, we provide some of the Best SEO Services and Social Media Marketing Services in the industry.

Get in touch with NetRoots today to further discuss how to connect with your customers and meet your company’s digital marketing goals.


Social Media Platforms We Work With


Facebook is one of the first and widest-reaching social media platforms today, with almost 2.8 billion active users every month, mostly falling within the age bracket of 25 and 34. This makes it an invaluable tool for social media marketing, since studies have shown that almost two-thirds of all Facebook users visit at least one local business Facebook page every week. If used effectively, Facebook can add drastically to a company’s brand awareness and customer engagement, because it allows businesses to interact directly with and engage their consumer base. With our social media marketing services, you will be able to optimize your Facebook business page and maximize your customer engagement and public awareness through the platform.  


Instagram is one of today’s fastest growing and most rapidly evolving globally used social media platforms. After surpassing the 1 billion users mark at the end of 2020, they have been experiencing a very stable growth rate, and is currently in the top five most downloaded mobile applications of 2020. One major demographic difference between Instagram and Facebook, however, is the demographic. While Facebook is predominantly used to a relatively older demographic, Facebook is still dominated by millennials and Gen Z. Research has also shown that Instagram’s average frequency of use is significantly greater than Facebook’s.  

Taking this information into account, it is evident that using Instagram for their e-commerce social media marketing has gradually become a vital part for many businesses, particularly those targeting relatively younger demographics. By partnering with NetRoots, the best social media marketing agency in the industry, you will be able to take full advantage of the different marketing features that the platform has to offer to help your business thrive. 


Twitter, a microblogging platform, has slowly emerged as a very prominent social media platform for businesses in certain fields, including media, the public sector, and the technology sector. With over 192 million daily active users in Q4 of 2020 (and over half of them between the ages of 25 and 49), Twitter is still ranked as one of the most used social media platforms in the world.  

Twitter hosts a range of business features, from the ability to promote tweets, accounts, and even trends (using the # or feature). Through the use of Tweetdeck, an official tool on the platform, businesses can manage their content, monitor engagement, and schedule their tweets to maximize reach. At NetRoots, we offer industry-competitive social media marketing management services that include maximizing consumer engagement on your business’s Twitter account to help your company thrive.  

Google My Business

Google My Business is a listing created on Google, which allows businesses to list their business information in the local search results and add the location on Google Maps. This can drastically improve reach and awareness for local businesses, particularly those that have physical locations for their business.   

When used correctly, Google my Business can provide your business with a major competitive edge in comparison to your local competition by showing credibility, reliability, and accessibility. Allow us, the Best Social Media Marketing Agency, to help you thrive with Google My Business. 


YouTube is the second most-visited website in the world, surpassed only by Google. It boasts a whopping 2.74 billion average monthly usership. This includes 74% of adults in the US, making it America’s most popular online platform. However, US traffic to the platform only amounts to 16.4% of the site’s total traffic.  Research shows that over a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube daily.  

What does that mean for your business? It means that there is lots of potential in YouTube video content to act as a supplement to your products or services. By hiring us, the best social media marketing agency in the industry, we will use our social media marketing services to help you create and promote content to ensure that you are further engaging your customers and helping to create awareness for your brand within your target and general public.  


Why Choose NetRoots?

Completely Customizable
Our social media marketing services are fully customized to cater to each individual client’s need. All our clients can pick and choose which specific services they require, as well as add any additional customized services not mentioned at their discretion.
24/7 Support Services
We make sure to provide all our customers with the best possible maintenance services in the market, with 24/7 support readily available.
Competitive Track Record
We have provided social media marketing services to some of the most prominent retailers all over the world, which means that our team is capable and experienced in handling the digital marketing of companies in a wide array of industries, from fashion and groceries to wholesale and healthcare.
Cost Effective
We at NetRoots understand that every customer has its own specific needs and financial constraints. That’s why we make sure to tailor each service to every client’s specific requirements and within their price bracket so everyone can benefit from our social media marketing services.

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Copyright by Netroots Technologies. All rights reserved.