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Do you wish to declutter your desk and simplify your life? Do you find it tedious to calculate payroll without payroll software? Do you wish it were easier to decide which employees deserve bonuses?

Netroots HR can help you do all that, and more! From recruitment to exit, our HR software takes care of all your HR processes. Our recruitment software allows you to create employee requisitions, shortlist applicants, and generate offer letters. Documents such as offer letters, manuals, and MOUs can be stored safely in our document management software so that you can save space, paper, and time.

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In addition, the attendance module of Netroots HR Software automatically tracks the attendance and time worked for each employee. Furthermore, you can also evaluate employee performance through the performance software, so that you can make informed decisions regarding raises, probation, bonuses, and so on. Lastly, if an employee decides to resign or is terminated, the process is simplified through the exit software, which allows the submission and approval of exit requests, and also presents exit forma to gather feedback from both the management and the employees. Most importantly, Netroots HR software can be customized to meet your specific requirements, making it the top HRMS software in Mississauga Toronto.

Netroots HR helps you save time, lower operational costs, and revolutionize employee management through its simple, practical, and customizable modules. Not only does our system contain simple, consolidated employee database software to centralize all employee information, it optimizes every single one of your HR processes! In addition to taking care of all HR processes, Netroots ranks among the top HRMS software in New York because it incorporates business intelligence to help you make informed, prudent business decisions to take your business beyond innovation.

Its simplicity & adaptability make Fórsa HR software the best HRMS system out there.

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