Transparent communication between teachers and parents can save your kid!

Being a parent is not an easy job!
Being a teacher is not an easy job!
You must have heard these complaints around you, BUT
Have you ever thought about…

How difficult it can be for a kid?  

Yes! Being a kid is one of the hectic jobs as they need to maintain a balance between their educational and family life in such a small age. Look around you and see how many kids are there feeling happy when it comes to school especially when they are evolving and starting to communicate and react accordingly?
In the hustling life, everyone is busy and couldn’t find enough time to stand and admire the beauty of nature and take a deep breath to think deeply about the blessings they have.
Kids are one of those blessings and sometimes we make these blooming flowers deserted with our negligence. As a parent we just make our kids go to school, and that’s it. Our part of being a parent is done now it’s the responsibility of the school to deal with everything your child is facing.

This is a social dilemma and this is so true!

Maybe if we turn the picture we can feel like parents are dealing with too many things and paying for the best schooling now what can they do? Why the teachers are not taking responsibility?
Things don’t work that way but we can understand your issues and problems and your concern about your kids.

Here comes something that a school can offer you!

Implementing the school management system in the schools can help teachers and parents to communicate with the persistent behavior and educational interests of their kids.
The school management system provides you a platform where parents and teachers keep an eye on the progress of a kid and his/her behavior as well. The same platform allows both to interact while looking at the student’s work ethics.
It means whether you are busy or not you can always keep your eyes on your kids and communicate to the authorities as well for any particular issue and make your kids realize that they are being watched and any fishy thing can be dangerous for them.

Don’t forget,
Communication is the real key that can sort out the issues!  

School management system, a perfect executive partner for your school

Have you ever thought of automating school management and administration?
Did you ever get a glimpse of a system that flows on its own and maintain the workflow as well?
Are you looking for a system that can enhance the educational pattern of any school by helping the students, teachers, parents, and the admin at the same time?

If you want improvement in the educational culture by bringing up the technical facilities, the school management system can help you with it.

Being one of the leading IT solution providers, Netroots technologies help you with the issues prevailing in schools regarding developing a new work frame with the NRT school management system.
Such a system does not bring extravagant looks to your school but a whole new level of modern work frame that gives a boost to your school system. Now you don’t have to rush to make announcements or for PTM.  NRT school management system will do it all just for you.
It is our side of contribution in the educational system to ensure a better and healthy future by brining ease in the educational sector. NRT School management system is a complete package as it tackles all the major modules.

This system exclusively keeps a track of the progress of a kid and maintains a communicative bridge between teachers and parents to make sure the betterment in kid’s education.

The relationship between teachers and admin will also be cultivated with it as teachers can also access the admin and report their issues or ask about the stuff they need for educational purposes.
To cut short, the school management system is your extra hand when it comes to administrating the flow the school has to maintain. This is the time to hear the urgency of the hour that “there should be no compromises in the educational sector”.

The school management system mainly focuses on teaching and learning methods moreover, it helps the admin to enhance the work patterns with the latest educational trends.

Invest in your educational system and get gleaming results

What do you think about the educational systems and their effects?
How much there is a need to opt for better management in that sector?
Do you think any compromises can be made when it comes to education?
What is the first thing comes to your mind when you hear the word “educational era”?What did you feel about the impacts of a bad educational system?
Several such questions wander in our minds as nothing can be more important than education?
The worst part is that we don’t give much attention to it and take it for granted and forget the consequences we will have after this ignorance.

So what could be the solution to avoid such issues to arise?

Introduce a comprehensive and compiled IT solution to automate the school system in such a way that it helps all the beneficiaries to get the results to the maximum extent.Netroots technologies are all ready to assist you in the controversy to eradicate the problem from the grass-root level. They have designed one of the best and latest school management systems to enhance education with the right amount of check and balance.

NRT school rebuttals the old school thinking process and pushes you towards the modern, latest and right path to improve the educational system and create a bridge between students, teachers, parents, and admin to ensure the best for your kids. 

NRT school enables you to have a transparent view of your kid’s performance with timely communication with the teachers to avoid any mishap with your kid. On the other hand, students can also track down their work and performance with this software as here they will have a chance to check how much they are capable of and how much they are delivering?It is the right time to make a decision, step up and mold your literacy culture to the path that authorizes your educational policies by helping kids with their educational needs.

Invest in humans today, Have a gleaming future tomorrow!

How a school management system helps schools to provide a better learning environment?

School is one of the most influential places and an eye opener for all of us. This is the place that keeps our most amazing memories and makes our childhood amazing.Now coming towards the real responsibility of a school and the purpose why one is send to school and what they should learn there!

It’s like a whole new world for all of us but let’s dig in to the schools perspective for being obliged to provide educational facilities and ethics to make kids evolve in the best way possible.

Several things work simultaneously in the schools to keep the decorum up and mainframe of the system as well.The school management system can help you with that as with the latest and advanced modules SMS not only help you in the admin panel maintain a balanced bridge between teacher, students, and their parents. Right from maintaining the operational tasks to the managements related stuff SMS help you out to automate the system.This smart and customized software with ultimate platforms for the major tasks in the schools assists the teachers to make the curriculums and to spread the words as well.On the contrary, students track down their own performance by having a brief progress report. This dispatched information is not only about managing the work standards but to develop progressive thinking progress in the kids.

This self-analysis makes the student realize their commitments and the importance of timely reactions. By making synchronized pattern students and teachers can collaborate by even going out of the track. Admin can easily spread the words among the students, parents, and teachers regarding any updates, events or amendments in rules.

SMS (school management system) is not a luxury but a need to build up a better and well-established ground for the educational system. Right from online fee submission to assignment and grading, SMS enables you to do all by just signing in to the platform and that’s it.

Bring ease in school and develop an environment of facilitated education to engage the attention of the students with the parents as well.       

Don’t you think Schools are the best places to teach us our environmental responsibilities!

What do you think where kids learn the most important lesson of their life?
How is that possible that you can’t show anything to a kid or teach him and you expect him to be the best kid?
What is the best way possible to teach a kid with perfect lessons?

If you want a kid to follow some specific rules or a pattern in life, you have to show him first.

Yes! Kids only follow the things they see their elders or teachers are doing! It is just a stupid expectation from kids to be the perfect individuals by just reading out a paragraph to make them soft-hearted to the stuff out there.If you are not even throwing trash everywhere, don’t wait for your child to use a dust bin. Yes! All the processes are connected and if you are not dealing with the stuff going around then don’t expect your kids to be the responsible one.The same thing goes with the school if you want to teach them something especially ethics and environmental responsibilities then you have to opt for the right habits on your side first.

Most important things that nowadays all educational institutes trying to teach, “Stop cutting the trees for papers, Stop killing the beauty of nature, Stop polluting the surroundings”.

Yes! It is the major problem prevailing all over the world and we are trying to cut short the use of papers by minimizing the usage of it.What if in the schools management, teachers or admin always use the papers for different tasks, attendance, results, schedule, etc. And on the other hand you are preaching about “Stop using paper”. What example are you setting for the students? What they’ll think in fact they are going to laugh on the management!So it is the time to eradicate such issue by implementing school management system as it will allow you to do all the stuff online within the software.Right from admin panel till student management all the things can be done here. Now you can easily save the documents and edit them without using papers.

Only print the documents that area actually needed.
Set an example and then expect same from the students!
Shift your manual systems to online school management system and save the EARTH.  

Why Your School Needs a Student Management System

A school management system, also referred to as a student administration/management system, automates and optimizes all administrative tasks of an educational institute, facilitating internal processes and communication. Thanks to its many useful features, student management software can significantly simplify and streamline school management and administration. Some of the most beneficial features of an SMS include the following:

  1. Student database: Stores the names, contact information, academic information and academic history of all students.
  2. Instructor and staff database: Instructor and staff information may be combined into one database, or split up into two separate databanks. Nevertheless, student management software almost always contains a feature that allows you to store basic, contact, and job information of each staff member, including instructors.
  3. Recruitment and admission management: Automates the entire application and admission process so that you no longer have to rely on paper-based forms.
  4. Attendance tracking: Tracks student, instructor, and staff attendance, and allows you to generate reports on attendance
  5. Course management: Allows you to add new courses and remove outdated ones from the course catalogue so that the changes are almost instantly visible to all concerned parties.
  6. Assignment submission: Lets students submit soft copies of their assignments, which can be check by the instructor, and often graded within the system
  7. Online tests and quizzes: Assists teachers in creating and administering tests and quizzes online, and permits students to take them through their digital devices
  8. Grade management: Enables teachers to input grades for students in their classes, and for students to easily access their grades, often along with information such as their GPA and average class grade.
  9. Class discussion: Facilitates academic discussion among students and teachers by creating class or topic-specific forums.
  10. Resource access: Allows teachers to upload relevant class material such as websites, articles, and readings so that students can access them with ease.
  11. Transcript creation: Records and stores students’ grades, and creates transcripts at the end of the term.
  12. Timetable designing: Simplifies the creation of timetables for students, teachers, staff, and classes.
  13. Online fee payment: Permits students to view their dues and pay their fees online through the system
  14. Accounts and finance management: Tracks the income, fees, and daily expenses of the institution.
  15. Internal communication: Eases communication among school staff, teachers, and students through a portal within the system

You would be hard-pressed to find a school administration system that includes every single one of the valuable features mentioned above. However, you could find many systems that include most of these features. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a school management system, it is crucial to first evaluate the requirements of your educational institute, so that you can choose software that meets most, if not all, of your needs.

15 Features of an Effective School Management System

A student management system, also known as a school administration system, allows educational institutions to manage student and instructor data, facilitate internal communication, and perform administrative tasks. Virtually every major educational institute employs some sort of software to manage its tasks and store data. However, even small and medium schools and institutions can benefit from school management software. Here are a few ways how a SMS can help your institute:

  1. Simplifies your administrative tasks
  2. Facilitates communication
  3. Provides easy access to student data
  4. Allows you to assess student performance
  5. Eases the creation of timetables

Besides saving paper, time, and resources, school administration software offers a number of major benefits to your school. From simplifying administrative tasks, to facilitating the evaluation of student performance, there is much a school management system can do for you. The multifold benefits of a student management system outweigh its costs in the long run, making it an essential tool for your school.