10 Must-Have Free Android Apps for Students

10 Must-Have Free Android Apps for Students

The alarm on my Motorola Razr rings at 06:45. I press the ‘snooze’ button three times before I finally get out of bed at 07:05, knowing that I am going to be late for school again. I get to my first class: English. The teacher keeps saying words like “perfunctory” and “recalcitrant” that I try to understand from context. The rest of the day goes fine, but I have a French test later in the week and a lot of Math homework tonight.

When I get started on my Math homework, I realize that I don’t really know how to solve systems of equations. I decide that I would have to ask Mr. K, my math teacher, how to do the problems tomorrow. Next, I start making flashcards to learn French vocabulary before I fall asleep without having actually studied any French.

Thankfully, over a decade later, technology has made it much easier to be a student. To ensure that your school and college experience is better than mine, I have compiled a list of free android apps that can deliver crucial help throughout your time as a student.

Challenges Alarm Clock – For Heavy Sleepers:

If you are among the 99.99% of humans that struggle when waking up in the morning, this app is for you. The Challenges Alarm Clock app requires you to solve a challenge for the alarm to turn off. Challenges include taking a picture of a specific object, playing a memory or sequence game, or solving a math equation. The alarm clock not only wakes you up but also gets your mind up and working.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator:

The RealCalc Scientific Calculator is your companion in times that you forget your scientific calculator home or just don’t want to spend your money on one. This calculator app performs all the functions of a regular scientific calculator, without costing you a dime.

Quizlet: Learn Languages with Flashcards for Free

Quizlet is hands-down my personal favorite learning app, and I’m not alone. Over 30 million students use Quizlet each month! Although it is advertised as a language and vocabulary learning android app, Quizlet can be used to learn virtually any factual information. The app allows you to create flashcards and study sets or study using flashcards created by other users. To ensure that you are learning and not just reading flashcards, Quizlet allows you to test and quiz yourself.

School Planner:

Instead of using a physical planner that can get lost or tattered, the School Planner android app lets you plan your activities on your phone. This digital planner allows you to create a color-coded timetable and add your homework, assignment due dates, and test and exam dates to your schedule. Having a simple, easy to use planner at hand is sure to make meeting deadlines easier.

Microsoft Office Lens

Sometimes your teacher writes a bunch of important stuff on the board and you have to scramble to copy it all down before it is erased. Well, scramble no more. Just take a picture of the board and put it in the Office Lens app, which will enhance the image and make the content readable. The app also converts images to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files, and saves them to OneDrive, OneNote, or your local device.

Khan Academy: Free Learning App

If you’re a student in the US, there are very few chances you haven’t heard of Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a completely free learning platform with over 10,000 videos and explanations in subjects ranging from Math and Science to Arts and Humanities. The Khan Academy app basically brings the website to your phone. It allows you to access all the videos, explanations, and quizzes on the website so you can learn anywhere, and at any time.

Oxford Dictionary of English: Free

Why carry a 2-pound dictionary when you can use a weightless app to look up any word you don’t know? The Oxford Dictionary app is a handy little app that saves you both from carrying a super heavy dictionary and from the embarrassment of not knowing a word. Every time you don’t know a word, you can simply look it up!


If you’ve never had trouble with Math, you’re probably not from Planet Earth. But if you are from Planet Earth, and math problems vex you, what I’m about to tell you will make you very happy. An android app called Photomath can help you solve, WITH STEPS, math problems of categories ranging from basic math and algebra to calculus and statistics! You just take a picture of the problem, whether in print or handwritten, and Photomath will solve it for you with step-by-step explanations so that you can actually understand how to do the problem!

DuoLingo: Learn Languages Free

DuoLingo is a fun app that can help you learn 15 languages quickly and without having to read a book for long periods of time. With DuoLingo, you learn new languages through games and answering questions. It helps you practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing so that you can communicate in your new language through any medium.

Pomodoro Timer Lite

For many students, the hardest thing about studying is not the actual content but being able to focus! That’s where Pomodoro Timer Lite comes in. The pomodoro technique, which was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, entails using a timer to break down work into (typically) 25 minute intervals separated by short breaks. The Pomodoro app enables you to use the pomodoro technique while studying by setting a timer and notifying you about your breaks. Using a time-tested tool to increase focus, the Pomodoro Timer Lite app will make your study sessions much more productive.

So, there you have it – a compilation of some of the most useful android apps for students. Try them out to make studying easy, convenient, and fun!

Nazim Farhan Post on: 25 / 04 / 2019

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